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Making your own API or run your smart contract but do it safe with Rust

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  • Web Frameworks: make the life of a developer easier
  • Why is Rust safe: improve your coding habits with Rust
  • Blockchains and Rust: a definite match

Web Frameworks

A web framework enables developers to build and run applications for the web without having to write all the code from scratch.

Since Rust is a system language, it has several WFs for an overview look at this GitHub repository, and a blog post by Sylvain Kerkour.

My favorite is Actix, an active community with many code examples and excellent documentation.

Web Frameworks

Why is Rust safe?

Rust a Safe Language
Multiple features make the Rust language Safe. A quote from the Rust Language Book “Ownership is Rust’s most unique feature and has deep implications for the rest of the language. It enables Rust to make memory safety guarantees without needing a garbage collector, so it’s important to understand how ownership works.”

Most design decisions in Rust do not leave room for interpretation, which forces good programming habits. Characteristics like Strongly typed, immutable variables by default, ownership, safe concurrency, etc, make Rust one of the safest languages and removes possible security vulnerabilities and bugs in your code. Most of it happens at compile time, which is way better than in production at runtime.

Blockchains and Rust

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and many other decentralized digital currencies, benefits from a secure language like Rust.

There are at least five well-known blockchains using Rust as their primary language. The most popular ones are Solana and Polkadot. To see all five blockchains click here. This article refers to another great article Rust vs. Go for Blockchain, and highlights some nice criteria for both languages.


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