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We’re excited to bring you the latest insights and resources from the Rust community! In this edition, we spotlight the top YouTube channels and podcasts for learning Rust, featuring experts like Rustacean Station and Jon Gjengset. Dive into our highlight of the week on image optimization using Rust and explore the invaluable Rust Exercises platform to sharpen your skills. Plus, get inspired by our exciting community news and discover ways to stay ahead in the Rust world. Let’s continue to grow and learn together!

Top 10 YouTube Channels and Podcasts for Learning Rust

We all like lists of top resources to learn Rust, here is a top 10 inspired on a recent Reddit Post in /rust.

  1. Rustacean Station Podcast: Enjoy interviews and discussions with seasoned Rust developers.
  2. Rust in Production Podcast: Get insights into using Rust in real-world production scenarios.
  3. Let’s Get Rusty: Perfect for beginners, offering friendly and accessible Rust tutorials.
  4. Chris Biscardi: Discover Rust and WebAssembly (WASM) focused content.
  5. No Boilerplate: Dive into detailed Rust tutorials and practical coding examples.
  6. Code to the Moon: Focuses on Rust in web development with practical insights.
  7. Jeremy Chone: Learn about full-stack web development with Rust.
  8. Jon Gjengset’s YouTube Channel: Explore deep dives into Rust, including detailed project implementations.
  9. Logan Smith: Offers visual and well-explained Rust tutorials.
  10. Michael Mullin: Covers a variety of Rust topics, perfect for beginners.

Bonus Resources for Our Valuable Readers

  1. Rust Nation UK: Features talks from the Rust Nation UK conference, covering a wide range of Rust topics.
  2. Marco Ieni’s Rust Ship Podcast: Interviews with Rust open source maintainers, providing unique insights into the community.

Highlight of the Week: Image Optimization with Rust

This week, we’re excited to feature a fantastic blog post by tduyng. In his post, he describes how he transformed his website’s images to WebP format using Rust. He utilized the image crate to decode and encode images and improved the performance of his static website, generated with Zola, by significantly reducing image sizes. His Rust-based solution offers a quick and reusable way to convert various image formats to WebP, demonstrating Rust’s efficiency in real-world applications. Check out his detailed guide here.

P.S. Rust Trends is also a happy user of Zola, the static site generator.

Rust Exercises: A Valuable Resource for Learning Rust

Rust Exercises

If you’re looking to sharpen your Rust programming skills, Rust Exercises is an excellent resource. This website offers a range of exercises designed to help both beginners and experienced programmers improve their understanding of Rust. The exercises cover various topics, from basic syntax and control flow to more advanced concepts like ownership, borrowing, and concurrency.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Exercises: From beginner to advanced levels, catering to all skill sets.
  • Interactive Platform: Allows you to write, test, and debug Rust code directly in your browser.
  • Comprehensive Topics: Exercises cover fundamental to complex Rust concepts, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

For more updates and insights into Rust, stay tuned to our Rust Trends newsletter, where we bring you the latest news, tutorials, and resources from the Rust programming community.

Happy coding!

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