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Discover Rust Trends! Dive into Python-Rust synergy, 2022 Rust Survey highlights, and macro insights. Stay ahead with Rust's latest advancements.

Hello, Rust Enthusiasts!

Welcome to another edition of 'Rust Trends'! As the world of programming evolves, so does our passion for bringing you the latest insights, techniques, and breakthroughs.

In this issue, we explore the powerful synergy between Python and Rust, delve into the results of the 2022 Rust Survey, and demystify the world of macros.

Whether you're a seasoned Rustacean or just starting your journey, there's something here for everyone.

Let's dive in!

Bridging Python and Rust: A Synergy of Power and Performance

Rust and Python

Python is renowned for its simplicity and versatility in the programming world, while Rust is celebrated for its speed and memory safety. But what happens when you bring these two titans together? The fusion of Python's ease-of-use with Rust's performance offers a promising landscape for developers seeking the best of both worlds.

Infoworld's comprehensive guide highlights the seamless integration of Rust within Python applications and the benefits of this convergence. Whether you're looking to harness Rust's capabilities within your Python scripts or invoking the vast Python ecosystem from Rust, this article has got you covered.

Dive in to discover practical methods, code snippets, and insights to elevate your next project by leveraging the combined strengths of Python and Rust!

Other resources are:

Demystifying Macros with Cargo Expand

Rust Macros Revealed!

Ever wondered about the actual code generated by Rust macros? Enter cargo expand. This invaluable tool permits you to glimpse the outcome of macro expansions, revealing the intricate, and at times boilerplate-intensive, code that's produced.

Dive into Rust Macros: For an exploration, don't miss our latest blog post: Rust Macros Revealed!

Crafting Your Own Macros: Intrigued to craft macros of your own? Dive deeper with the comprehensive guide on creating macros in Rust. Or for a visual learner's treat, check out this insightful YouTube tutorial on Declarative Rust macros and Procedural Rust macros.

2022 Annual Rust Survey Results Highlights

Are you using Rust at work?

For the 6th year in a row, the Rust Project conducted a survey on the Rust programming language with 9,433 total survey completions. Here are the key highlights.

Participation: In 2022, Rust saw 9,433 total survey completions, a significant increase in survey views, and a slight decrease in total responses.

Community Growth: The survey was offered in 11 languages, indicating the growing global nature of the Rust community. The majority of respondents were from the United States, Germany, and China.

Rust Usage: Over 90% of respondents identified as Rust users. 47% use Rust daily, and 30% can write production-ready code in Rust.

Professional Use: 29.7% of respondents use Rust for most of their coding work, a 51.8% increase from the previous year. The top reasons for using Rust include writing "bug-free software", performance, and security.

Future Concerns: 26% are concerned about proper support for Rust developers, 38% worry about Rust becoming too complex, and 34% have no worries about Rust's future.

For a detailed analysis and more insights, check out the full post: 2022 Annual Rust Survey Results

Like any programming language, Rust has room for refinement. Yet, I truly believe its potential is vast and its future is promising, with a wide array of applications on the horizon.


Push yourself to explore the uncharted territories of Rust. Venturing beyond your usual limits can substantially enrich your evolution as a coder.

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