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In this issue of Rust Trends, we're bringing you the most exciting developments in Rust. From innovative applications to key programming insights, this edition is tailored to enhance your understanding and skills in Rust, whether you're a beginner or an advanced user.

Boost Your Rust Skills with the Redis Challenge!

Redis In-Memory data structure store

Great news for those looking to upskill in Rust! Until the end of March, seize the chance to join Codecrafters' "Build Your Own Redis" challenge for free. It's not just a coding task; it's a deep dive into building Redis, a popular in-memory data structure store, using Rust.

Why It's Worth Your Time:

  • Skill Enhancement: Perfect for honing your Rust skills.
  • Professional Development: Using Rust in a practical real-world application
  • Fun and Engaging: A rewarding experience that balances learning with enjoyment.

What's More - Try It for Free! You don't have to take my word for it. Start the challenge for free and see the impact on your Rust expertise. The nice thing about Codecrafters is that it guides you with right amount of information to start coding and also provides more background if you want to learn more about a subject.

Get Started:

  • Explore the Challenge: Head over to Codecrafters and sign up with the use my referral link to support me with Rust-Trends at no extra cost.
  • Dive Into Rust: Begin your journey at your own pace and enjoy the process.
  • Want to learn more about Redis: Head over to the Redis website.

Happy coding! 🚀🦀💼

Exploring Design Patterns in Rust: A Curated List

Architect Design Patterns

Design patterns in Rust streamline code development, ensuring robust, maintainable solutions. They standardize approaches to common problems, enhancing code clarity and facilitating easier communication among developers. Below you can find a comprehensive list:

Rust Design Patterns - Unofficial: An unofficial collection of design patterns for Rust, hosted on GitHub, offering a range of patterns and idioms.

Structuring Apps in Rust: D. P. Chowaniec's post discusses their approach to structuring applications in Rust, offering valuable insights and techniques.

Rust Design Pattern Examples: A comprehensive collection of design pattern examples in Rust, maintained by L. X. on GitHub, essential for practical application.

Rust Typestate Pattern: Cliff Biffle's blog post delves into the Typestate pattern in Rust, highlighting its utility and implementation nuances.

Rust State Design Pattern: Explore the State Design Pattern in Rust with Let's Get Rusty's concise tutorial on YouTube. This video provides a practical demonstration of implementing the State pattern in Rust programming.

Discover the Builder Pattern in Rust: Let's Get Rusty's tutorial video is a quick guide on its implementation in idiomatic Rust.


  • Google's latest initiative donates $1 million to the Rust Foundation, aiming to enhance Rust's interoperability with C++ and bolster software memory safety.

  • Explore the New Horizons: Rust 1.76.0 is Here! Discover the latest enhancements and features in the Rust programming language by checking out the release notes. Do not forget to run rustup update.

  • Discover Why Rust is the Premier Choice for Robotics: Matic Robots shares insights on how Rust's safety, performance, and error handling elevate their robot development. Learn more about their journey with Rust at Matic Robots Blog.

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