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In this edition of Rust Trends, we're excited to share the latest and most significant developments in the Rust programming world. Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced Rustacean, this issue is packed with innovative applications and essential programming insights designed to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills in Rust. Stay tuned for a comprehensive journey through the evolving landscape of Rust programming!

Exploring Git with Rust: Jon Gjengset's Stream

Git written in Rust

Featuring Jon Gjengset's detailed stream, Implementing (parts of) git from scratch in Rust we delve into a practical application of Rust's efficiency and safety in recreating aspects of the git version control system. This stream, drawing inspiration from the codecrafters challenges, serves as a fantastic learning tool for Rust enthusiasts.

Additionally, you have the opportunity this month to participate in the free Redis challenge. Engaging with this challenge through our referral link not only boosts your Rust expertise but also supports Rust Trends at no cost, allowing us to continue providing insightful content.

We Want Your Rust Embedded Project Ideas!

Rust Embedded Projects

Got a Brilliant Idea for a Rust-Powered Embedded Project?
We're excited to explore the potential of Rust in embedded systems and need your innovative ideas! Whether it's a smart gadget, an IoT solution, or something entirely different, if it involves Rust and embedded development, we're all ears.

Here’s How to Share:
Simply reply to this email with your project idea. Describe what it's about and why Rust is the perfect choice for it. Don't worry about the scale of your idea – we're looking for creativity and passion for Rust.

Next Steps:
We'll collect your ideas and choose one to develop publicly, sharing the journey with the Rust community.

Ready to inspire? Send us your idea now! 🚀🔧🤖

Slumber: A Compact Rust-Built Terminal REST Client and an Inspiration for Terminal Application Developers

Slumbler CLI API testing tool

Slumber stands out not just as a tool for API testing but also as a source of inspiration for those developing terminal applications. This Rust-based terminal REST client combines functionality and simplicity, offering a model for creating efficient and user-friendly terminal tools.

Highlights of Slumber:

  • User-Friendly API Testing: Define, execute, and share HTTP requests with ease.
  • Secure Local Storage: Ensures your data and configurations are stored safely.
  • Rust & Ratatui Construction: Guarantees performance and reliability.
  • Sharing Capabilities: Ideal for collaborative work in API testing.
  • Inspirational Design: A great example for developers in the realm of terminal-based applications.

For developers focused on API testing or those seeking inspiration for building terminal applications, Slumber is a noteworthy tool. Discover its capabilities and get inspired on GitHub: LucasPickering/slumber


  • Rust-Flashcards, offers a unique and interactive way to learn and reinforce Rust programming concepts. This resource comprises a collection of digital flashcards, ideal for both newcomers and experienced developers seeking to polish their Rust knowledge. It's a practical tool for those who prefer bite-sized, on-the-go learning. For a detailed view, visit the Rust-Flashcards GitHub page.

  • has made significant changes to how crate downloads are managed, aiming to improve download reliability and speed. Starting from March 12, 2024, cargo will download crates directly from CDN servers, ensuring better performance.

  • The Rustup team has released version 1.27.0 of Rustup, introducing noteworthy enhancements. Key updates include basic support for the fish shell, allowing automatic PATH configuration during installation, and added support for loongarch64-unknown-linux-gnu as a host platform. The update can be applied by running rustup self update or rustup update for automatic updates at the end of a toolchain update. For more details, visit the Rust blog.

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