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Running Rust on AWS Lambda, improve your coding style and a blazing fast CLI search tool written in Rust

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In today’s email:

  • Lambdas and Rust: running your Rust code in Amazon’s AWS
  • Rust Style Team: improve your coding style
  • Alternative to grep: a command line search tool on steroids

Lambdas and Rust

Want to run your code faster and more energy efficient? Lambdas are one of the workhorses of Amazon’s AWS. Lambdas are programmatic functions that you pay by running time they are rounded to the nearest millisecond. So time is money?! To optimize for cost there are two important takeaways ARM & Rust. Arm CPUs are energy efficient and Rust is fast, both are factors that influence the cost. AWS post on Rust, another blog post on x86 vs Arm Graviton, and a more practical Hackernoon article.
Rust Lambdas and ARM

Improve your coding style

Hello World
The Rust language gains in popularity and regularly gets new language constructs. Reasons for the Rust Style Team to actively maintain a standard style guide. This style is integrated into the widely used rustfmt tool, often used by the IDEs, that automatically formats your code. The standardized style guide helps to keep code readable and uniform across projects and the Rust ecosystem. See also this ZDNet article.

Speedup search results

Many people know the command line CLI command grep. But did you know a faster grep tool is available and written in Rust? It is called ripgrep and is abbreviated as rg. The link to the official ripgrep repo. The command is available for Linux, macOS, and Windows. A benchmark between ripgrep, grep and other tools can be found here. Want to learn about the internals then this Code review is something for you.

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